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Karl Rove to resign in August

By Ben Cohen

This is perhaps the best news since the Democrats won back the House and the Senate last year. The Machiavellian neo con adviser to President Bush is probably the most reviled figure in American politics, and has given the country a huge present by extracting himself from the enormous mess he helped create.

Rove will apparently leave the White House by the end of August to 'write a book' (cashing in on his successful attempt to single handedly destroy a country in under 6 years).

White House spokes woman Dana Perino said: "Obviously it's a big loss to us."

"He's a great colleague, a good friend, and a brilliant mind. He will be greatly missed, but we know he wouldn't be going if he wasn't sure this was the right time to be giving more to his family, his wife Darby and their son. He will continue to be one of the president's greatest friends."

As sad as everyone in the Bush cabal is, the rest of the world can now breath more easily knowing one of the worst criminals in U.S history is finally out of a job. END