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Cheney wants war with Iran

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By Ben Cohen


Not content with master minding the biggest military blunder in U.S history, Dick Cheney apparently has his sights firmly set on dragging the U.S into another war with Iran. It is an incredible feat of will power for the vice president to convince himself that 1. He was right about Iraq, 2. He is right about invading Iran, 3. Anyone takes him seriously anymore.

One would have thought that Cheney's phenomenally low approval rating (lower than Bush's 25%) would put the brakes on his war fantasies, but no. Cheney is convinced the U.S must stretch it's nearly broken military even further, and commit another heinous war crime against a sovereign nation.

Having deferred from military service five times during the Vietnam war, Cheney's posturing on Iran is again, completely laughable. The ultimate 'Chicken Hawk', Cheney's credibility is probably lower than zero on the topic, and he would do well to disappear from public life as much as possible.

But given his track record on creating disasters, the country would also do well to keep an eye on him. END