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The Kennedy’s should be ashamed, but I don’t think they have any

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By Ari Rutenberg


Once again the only organization willing to speak truth to power in America has exposed the incredible selfishness and hypocrisy of the elite in America. Last night on the Daily Show, correspondent Jason Jones did a hilarious piece on the Cape Cod wind farm, a proposed 25 square mile site 5 miles of the coast of Nantucket, and on the horizon of the view from the Kennedy compound. To paraphrase Mr. Jones what you learn is that the Kennedy's aren't just rich, they're really, really rich.. Whats so ridiculous is that the both Robert F. Kennedy jr. and his uncle,, Sen. Ted Kennedy are both staunch proponents of the environment, and yet they object to this project because its in their view. This is unacceptable and outrageous behavior by a senator and a man who sits on the board of the Natural Resources Defense Council.
Though the Kennedys are often granted a lot of leeway by the left because of their history, behavior like this should be called out no matter who is doing it. This is a case of NIMBYism (Not In My Back Yard)at is absolute worst. The Kennedys are attempting to use their stature and environmental credentials to protect personal and financial interest in a vacation home from which you can barely see the windmills.

Though this does not quite rise to the level of outright corruption, it is far to close for comfort, as well as becoming ammunition for Republicans who want to destroy the credibility of these men.

I am ashamed for them.

They should be ashamed too.

Then they need to apologize for their shortsightedness and help get the wind farm approved. This would be a very public demonstration of their commitment to the environment, which is the most significant and challenging issue of our time.

But I think the will fight to the bitter end, and they will lose. But it doesn't matter because they have no shame.