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Iraqi Soccer Captain Speaks Out About U.S. Occupation


By Matt Wells

In the wake of Iraq's surprise victory in soccer's Asian Cup, captain Younis Mahmoud is taking advantage of the attention his side is receiving to speak out about the American occupation of his homeland.

The full story can be read here. The highlights are below:

Despite a frantic Asian Cup official by his side pleading, "No politics, no politics," the Iraqi captain made clear his distaste for his nation's continuing occupation: "I have only one thing to say: I want America out of Iraq now."

He would like to take the cup on a victory tour of Iraq, but asked: "Who secures my life?

In Iraq you do not know who will kill you."

He said he did not fear being among the Iraqi people "but the American and the Government troops? One of my closest friends, the official forces … arrested him for more than one year, and until now neither his family nor me know where he is.

"I don't like the American people to be angry with me but I am very sorry the Americans invade Iraq, and I hope it will be very soon to get rid of the Americans."

In a not-so-surprising development, Fox News is doing its best to ignore this part of the story. Click here to get their sanitized take. END