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Bush announces Middle East peace proposal, but no one cares.

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By Ben Cohen


Apparently George Bush now wants peace in the Middle East. Having invaded two countries in the region, and funded another (the Israeli invasion of Lebanon), Bush is casting himself as a leader dedicated to ending the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Announcing a Middle East Peace conference, Bush said:

"We can help them prove to the world, the region and Israel that a Palestinian state would be a partner, not a danger".

"We can help them make clear to all Palestinians that rejecting violence is the surest path to security and a better life,"

Rejecting violence? Is he serious? Given the United States has systematically ignored the plight of the Palestinians and bankrolled an Israeli military that has caused thousands and thousands of illegal deaths, not to speak of its own murderous policy in the region, it is beyond ridiculous that Bush would even attempt to speak about the issue.

With the death toll in Iraq rising, and a war with Iran being discussed, the United States has zero credibility when it comes to matters of peace.

Bush has 18 months left in office, and he should probably spend the time on issues he is better able to cope with. Walking his dog and running around the park take skill and dedication, something Bush would be well advised to concentrate on.