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Just a little fun…Rudy Giuliani’s campign treasurer is a cokehead!

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This is really amusing... how the hell do you hire a current coke head to be your campaign treasurer? Well Rudy Giulani did, adding to along line of choice personnel descisions he's made including the nomination of the exceedingly corrupt Bernard Kerik to be the Secretary of DHS.Read on and enjoy.
From Associated Content:

The prestigious Ravenel family of South Carolina faces a public setback today as Thomas Ravenel, the South Carolina State Treasurer, faces charges of possession of cocaine with intent to distribute according to the Associated Press. He was indicted on Tuesday with the charges. Ravenel and his attorney, Joel Collins, had no comment as of press time. Ravenel will face arraignment on July 9 in Columbia's federal court.

Ravenel is accused of purchasing less than 500 grams of cocaine with the intent to share with others back in 2005. The charge levies a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. Before Ravenel was elected to office in 2006, suspicion was already in place by state investigators. They did not have enough evidence to charge him at the time. The State Law Enforcement Division had to turn the case over to the Federal Bureau of Investigations in April 2007 because Ravenel held a political position handling state money.

Since the charges were filed, South Carolina governor Mark Sanford has since suspended Thomas Ravenel from his position. Should Ravenel be convicted of the charges, the state lawmakers would decide on a permanent replacement. For now will be replaced in interim with Ken Wingate, a prominent South Carolinaattorney and accountant. Mark Sanford was not pleased with the situation and hoped that it was resolved quickly.

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