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This is infuriating…


Recently the White House sent the Senate a letter entitled 'STATEMENT OF ADMINISTRATION POLICY:S. 1547 – National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008'. Basically what it says is that this administration believes there are no restrictions on its power and any attempt to do so would be unconstitutional. I will be posting choice excerpts from the letter, which can be read here in its entirety. The hubris demonstrated by this administration is simply unfathomable to me. First Iraq and Iran:

On Iraq:

The Administration strongly opposes any provision that sets an arbitrary date for beginning the withdrawal of American troops without regard to conditions on the ground or the recommendations of commanders. Precipitous withdrawal from Iraq would not bring peace to the region or make our people safer here at home. Withdrawal could embolden our enemies and confirm their belief that America will not stand behind its commitments. Setting a date for withdrawal is equivalent to setting a date for failure and could lead to a safe haven in Iraq for terrorism that could be used to attack America and freedom-loving people around the world. It is likely to unleash chaos in Iraq that could spread across the region. In addition to infringing upon the President’s constitutional authority as Commander-in-Chief, the provision would require a precipitous withdrawal of troops that itself could increase the probability that American troops would have to one day return to Iraq – to confront an even more dangerous enemy. If the President were presented a bill that includes such provisions, he would veto the bill.

On Iran:

The Administration strongly opposes amendments to the bill to restrict the ability of the United States to deal effectively with the threats to regional security posed by the conduct of Iran, including Iran’s efforts to develop nuclear weapons. The Administration also notes that provisions of law that purport to direct or prohibit international negotiations, covert action, or use of the armed forces are inconsistent with the Constitution’s commitment exclusively to the presidency of the executive power, the function of Commander-in-Chief, and the authority to conduct the Nation’s foreign policy. If the bill were presented to the President with provisions that would prevent the President from protecting America and allied and cooperating nations from threats posed by Iran, the President’ senior advisors would recommend that he veto the bill.