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WaPo Gets Worked On Ron Paul

The Washington Post shows once again why the mainstream press can't write about the internet from a believable point of view. They've got a front-page writeup of his supposed support online that doesn't contain anything in the realm of skepticism.

There's this desire to think of Paul as the next Howard Dean, but the difference is Governor Dean had actual human beings supporting him. The "support" for Ron Paul comes from a band of the very far left and right allied with 9/11 Truthers who are rigging online polls and the like in favor of Paul. In concert with fringe conspiracy theory radio hosts like Alex Jones (whose show I listen to because I have a perverse affinity for listening to conspiracy theorists weave their plots about how the globalists in the trilateral commission faked 9/11 so that they can enslave Mexican babies in advance of the beings from Planet Thurlon returning to rule us all), the Paul fringe works to use bots and the like to "Digg" Ron Paul stories as well as vote for Paul in online polls.

When Howard Dean got on the national stage via the web, it was reflected in polling. And before he eventually lost to John Kerry, he even led for a while. Ron Paul, on the other hand, ranks somewhere below statistical noise in his campaign. But the mainstream press is just accepting the assertions of some kooks as reality without doing any work, as usual.