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The 1% Destroying America

Interesting data in this latest Pew poll - conservatives think Hollywood actor Fred Thompson is their messiah, GOP base still doesn't realize frontrunner Rudy Giuliani is pro-choice, but there was a nugget of information that rubbed me the wrong way. Ranking in name recognition, of course Sen. Clinton was ranked higher than everybody else. But her recognition was at 99%. Who the hell are the 1% who didn't recognize Sen. Clinton?? I don't expect anyone to know who Dennis Kucinich is (35%) but Hillary Clinton? She's the one person in the world who's probably more well-known than Oprah and yet 1% says "huh?" when asked about her? Crazy.

Oh, and Bush is at 29% - his lowest ever yet Republicans think Abortion and Taxes are major issues (besides say Iraq and Health Care). They've just created a bizarro world of their own.