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Strategic Reset

The Center for American Progress has issued a new report on Iraq Strategy: Strategic Reset: Reclaiming Control of U.S. Security in the Middle East.

Instead of passively waiting for Iraq’s national leaders to make a series of political decisions that they have shown themselves fundamentally incapable of making amid multiple internal conflicts, the United States should adopt a more active stance to advance its interests throughout the Middle East. In short, the United States needs to implement a strategic reset aimed at using U.S. power to protect our core national interests. The four simultaneous steps our country must now take are:

* Adopt policies to accept the reality of Iraq’s fragmentation.
* Implement a phased military redeployment from Iraq in one year.
* Initiate regional security and diplomatic efforts to contain and resolve Iraq’s conflicts while reshaping the geopolitical balance in the region.
* Develop a realistic strategy to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict and stabilize the broader Middle East.

It sure beats the conservative idea that we should just keep hitting our head against the wall.