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Some People Are Just Stupid

So I sent an email to Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) in order to give him more details on one of his typical drive-by blog postings. The Tennessee blogger Brittney Gilbert, who I first heard of on Tuesday linked to a vitriolic post dancing on the grave of Steve Gilliard. Her headline was "Teaching Libs A Lesson" and from that post alone seemed to be approving. Not surprisingly a lot of people got upset at that. I emailed Reynolds because as I've told him numerous times on e-mail, I believe that he is clearly one of the most visible bloggers out there and he uses his feigned position as a non-partisan to push pro-conservative stories out there. Reynolds claims (in his typical "I am just bewildered Mr. Beauregard' way) that this only happened once I started working at Media Matters but frankly I started thinking and saying it clearly that he was a tool from before the Iraq War began and he decided that everyone against the war was an Al Qaeda-supporting Saddam-lover. So I sent him an email with more detail on the story and assumed like most of the time when he is corrected he would just ignore it because the first version of the story served it's purpose for the right (Crazed left-winger's vitriol is destroying America, etc.).

alfred e. neuman

I put my political beliefs up front and center and I don't shy away from them. When I think one way about an issue, I say it - I don't post a link to someone else and let them do the dirty work for me. As a result, people like Reynolds and the duplicity they embrace make me sick.

I clearly attack people on this site but I don't hide behind some b.s. "golly, gee whillikers I linked to a post that called the senator an asshole and I said 'An interesting point' but I never myself actually said that so I'm pure as Ivory snow!". As far as reach and breadth go, Reynolds is a regular source of material for the mainstream, the feces as they say flows downstream so I write about the source. If someone knocks him off of his perch, I'll write about them.

Way back in the day Reynolds and I had a cordial relationship but it's kind of hard to do the shuck and jive and smile like so many political pundits and the like do when someone's calling you or the people in the same political movement/world/system of belief as you a terrorist ally because you think it's stupid to go to war and occupy a nation based on a steaming pile of crap. So yes, I accuse him of having an agenda and never being much of a man enough to admit to it as folks like Tony Pierce wroteabout.

I don't like stupid people, but I dislike it even more when those people play stupid on purpose.

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