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Return Of The Concern Trolls

Former drug addict, Reagan administration official and tv host Larry Kudlow is concerned that Democrats are moving too far to the left, want to concede to Al Qaeda, steal from the rich blah blah blah the same old tired crap we've been hearing for 30 years or so in America.

Do conservatives ever stop dispensing "advice"? Their party is in retreat, ripping itself apart in a spectacle, with a president who's approval rating hits 30% only on the best of days and yet these guys still swear up and down that they're so smart they've got to give out advice.

It's intriguing that my most vivid memories of Larry Kudlow were from my days of watching a ton of CNBC during the tech bubble. Even when it had become clear that sure, the underlying economy was strong, the dotcoms were built on a sea of lies. Yet Kudlow repeatedly cheerleaded, insisting that the rules had changed and profits didn't matter.

Yeah, that's the guy who should be offering advice.