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Pundits On Autopilot

"I occasionally walk across a laptop keyboard, can I be a Newsweek columnist too?"

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The latest is Newsweek's Jonathan Alter, who tries to make the case that the Democratic policy on Iraq isn't filtering through to America. I don't have an editor or a news hole to fill, but stuff like this always looks to me like someone saying "OMG I need to fill the column with something and the deadline is coming up, lemme make another remix of 'Democrats Not Normal Americans' and off we go!". As Steve Benen points out, and as others like myself have, the Democratic problem right now is that America is ahead of them on the war. They've once again capitulated to Bush and that isn't what the people want.

To the vast majority of Americans now, the Bush presidency is a failure. The Democrats are being penalized because on his most disastrous policy they're propping him up. These poll numbers are the equivalent of America whacking the Democratic leadership on the nose. "Stop that! Bad Democrats!"