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Kim Kardashian and The Brazilian Butt-Lift

Don't say we don't do the hard work here at HQ (which by the way is located inside the statue of Abraham Lincoln).

Are people having surgery to increase the size of their derrieres?

It's not only true, the practice is booming! According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of "buttock lifts" increased 283 percent nationwide between 2000 and 2005, from 1,356 to 5,193.

An American pioneer of the so-called "Brazilian Butt-Lift," Dr. Anthony Griffin , a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, said the most popular form of buttock enhancement, or gluteal augmentation, involves taking fat from the abdomen via liposuction, then injecting it into the muscles of the rear end.

And it's not just West Coast women, or women from South American or African cultures that value curvy bottoms, who are embracing the trend.



Now based on this photographic evidence of Kim Kardashian I'm going to say that this is a synthetic butt. But clearly closer examination is required. Don't worry, folks, as others have noted I am a professional (panel 3) in this arena and will keep things above boo-- board.