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Just Fine Without Fox

One of the sillier arguments in favor of Democrats having a debate on the pro-GOP Fox News has been that Fox's average larger audience is a worthy target for Dems. But the evidence seems to indicate that the candidates are the ones making the ratings, not the cable news network:

CNN's telecast of the New Hampshire debate among the Democratic presidential candidates grabbed the biggest viewership of any of the cable TV debates so far this year.

Sunday's debate averaged 2.8 million viewers, Nielsen Media Research said. That put it ahead of Fox News Channel's May 15 GOP debate, which averaged 2.5 million viewers, and MSNBC's Democratic debate in South Carolina, which averaged 2.3 million viewers.

Even nuttier, I think, is the notion that Fox's audience is any kind of hive of young or swing voters. I think the data has shown time and time again that Fox is older and more conservative - not exactly the key demo for a party primary. If the eventual Dem candidate refused to debate on one of the broadcast networks, that would be an issue, but right now its just the usual suspects who want Dems to go on Fox and be subject to the usual talking points. (via)