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Don't Worry Your Pretty Little Mind

I'm pretty sure the attitude in this letter from a conservative to National Review. is pretty typical on the right. The writer says we're not an immigrant nation because his family has been here for generations so we shouldn't even talk about the issue like that. Hmmm. Of course what I hear from that, really, is "America is closed". And that's a heck of an anti-American attitude.

I'm a proud American, but I'm also a first generation American (my parents both came to America in the early 1970s from Jamaica). I don't sever my ties with my family's home country, Jamaica, but neither do I reject my Americanism. That's kind of the point of America, I think. This country's culture and traditions didn't just spring out of the ground in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Our family cooks fried plantains, curry goat and jerked pork at the same time we grill hamburgers and hot dogs on the Fourth Of July.

Somehow that's supposed to be wrong? I don't think so.