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Dick Lugar Said Something That Isn't Crazy, Don't Make Him King Just Yet

Some folks on my side of the aisle are citing this recent speech by Sen. Dick Lugar on the senate floor as the sign of... well, something. And look, maybe Dick Lugar has come to his senses and maybe some of his other Republican colleagues will finally start helping to pull America off the cliff the president has thrown us off. But, let's wait and see.

A few months ago everyone thought it was great when Sen. John Warner began to sound less hawkish, but when it came time to actually piss or get off the pot, he voted against the timetable legislation that passed the Senate.

As I stated before, I don't trust Republicans on Iraq and they have given us no reason to do so since the war began. Maybe Lugar is going to step up to the plate and put his vote where his piehole is, but until then it's just talk. And talk, especially from a politician, is cheap.