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Dems Not Allowed To Be Political, Says Politico

You may remember Mike Allen as the Politico writer who gushed over Matt Drudge and slagged the Democratic party as "dogs" while ridiculing former vice president Al Gore. Today he's written a story where he's all upset that the Democratic party would do opposition research on Fred Thompson.

Well I Do Declare!

Regardless of what you think Fred Thompson is (I think he's just another Republican no-nothing know-nothing who has nothing to offer America), the fact of the matter is that the right is falling all over themselves in praise of him and he's beginning to lead in polls. The press and the right would like to have the old-style Democratic party, the one that lets the right and the media do all the talking and all the definition of the players in an election.

They have written the script and the Howard Dean-led DNC has the nerve to not play along, because that's the sort of behavior that previously lost us the House, Senate, and White House. The establishment, in this case The Politico and The GOP doesn't like it when the left fights back. They hate it when we simply show up because they start losing.

They would rather the DNC not have a research operation that simply does what the RNC's operation did in the past. It would be much more amenable to the Politico and Mike Allen, much more "civil" if the Democrats would just be a dear and lie down and play dead.

It isn't going to happen.