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Black Gossip Blogs Fill A Niche

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"I decided to do it myself because they were ignoring black people," says Natasha Eubanks , 25, of Washington, D.C., who started Young , Black and Fabulous in 2005 , weeks before entering Loyola University law school in New Orleans. Before launching YB&F, Eubanks sent e-mails to the writers of sites such as Pink is the New Blog, which Eubanks occasionally links to, asking them to include more black celebrity items. She launched YB&F a few weeks before Hurricane Katrina hit and became more serious with it, by posting daily and even creating her own YB&F vocabulary, as her disenchantment with law school grew. It's now 10th on the Yahoo Buzz's gossip blog chart -- and it's Eubanks's full-time job.