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PBS Democratic Debate 2

-- Dems on Katrina: could this question possibly be any easier? Remotely?
-- Outsourcing is bad. We need American jobs. Water is wet. Friction, damn it. Dodd, use that giant hair and hammer someone with it.
-- If there's a winner so far it's HRC. But its kind of like Martyball - you hold the ball when you have the lead and don't make any sudden moves.

-- And that's it. Game over. I'll look around and see if there's anything interesting up here.

-- I'm a couple steps away from spin alley. I will never understand why any journalist would go to "spin alley" in search of a story. They might as well call it Spoonfed Drive.

-- Up close, Chris Dodd's hair is as pretty as you think it is.

-- I'm always amazed by guys like Bill Richardson -- because they look just like how they look on tv.

-- If there's ever a movie of Jesse Jackson Jr.'s life, Cuba Gooding will play him. For some reason I've now seen both of them in real life (I saw Cuba buying dog food when I lived in L.A.).

-- It should be noted for the record that Dennis Kucinich is the only candidate who came by the bloggers to press the flesh, along with his wife Elizabeth who positively towers over him.

-- To be honest I did have a moment where I went OMG IT'S CLARENCE PAGE!!!!

-- The handlers Mike Gravel had around him were just the kind of guys you would think would follow Mike Gravel around. A little... off.

-- I also saw David Axelrod (Obama's campaign manager), who was talking to Matthew Sheffield from Newsbusters, so if a phony story about Axelrod comes out I will have witnessed its beginnings

-- Oddly enough I talked religion with Lashawn Barber. She doesn't have fangs or anything, but she's totally wrong on everything. She likes Tancredo though, and I can get behind that!

-- Pam and Liza have images and video