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29 Percent, Here We Go

Look out below!.

As President Bush attempts to revive the controversial immigration reform bill he supports, the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that Republicans are abandoning the president, which has dropped his job-approval rating below 30 percent -- his lowest mark ever in the survey.

But he isn’t the only one whose support is on the decline in the poll. Congress’ approval rating has plummeted eight points, bringing it below even Bush’s. And just one in five believe the country is on the right track, which is the lowest number on this question in nearly 15 years.

The congress is getting low approval ratings because they so far have refused to follow through on the number one issue of their constituents - Iraq. Simply act on Iraq and their ratings come back up, which won't happen for Bush who is now set to join the Coolidge/Carter/Nixon wing of failed presidencies. The Democratic congress is very lucky next year is a presidential election year solidly favoring Dems or they'd be primed to lose their majority, and with good reason.