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Trying to sugar coat a very bitter pill…

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By Ari Rutenberg: When I first saw this clip of Deputy White House Press Secretary Dana Perino mounting a very weak defense of Dick Cheney's latest abuse of power I thought "wow, what a pretty mouth to spew such bullshit." Now that isn't meant to be sexist and I'm sorry if it sounds that way. I reacted that way because it really struck me as I was watching this that she is really used as an instrument of propaganda. It seems like every time there is really bad news, which is quite often these days, they put her out there because they think that maybe it will be less shocking from her.I don't know... I really could be way off base here, but that is really what it seems like to me. Plus I wonder if she really believes this bs or if she is just complacent in the destruction of the American democracy?

(via YouTube and TPMtv)