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Mitt Romney's Money Problems

As noted earlier, he's tapping his own money to bolster his campaign which is very strange this early in primary season. Some interesting bits from the NYT on flip flopping Mitt Romney's cash issues:

The possibility of a drop-off also highlighted the potential risks of the strategy he pursued in the first quarter, when he relied on a relatively small base of wealthy donors who gave the maximum contribution of $2,300 for the primary. Mr. Romney had fewer than 33,000 donors in all, compared with Mr. McCain, for example, who had 50,000 donors, and Senator Barack Obama, Democrat of Illinois, who raised $25 million with more than 100,000 donors.

Romney gave his campaign $2.3 million in the first go-round (have any other campaigns donated to themselves? I don't think so.) and then his "whales" gave him the rest, but at least for the primaries they're tapped out whereas other campaigns - especially Obama - did not get the max for the primaries and can go back to those folks for a second round.

The article goes on to explain that Romney had another one of his all-day fund raising events, but the last time he raised $6.5 million - this time? $1.5 million. Romney has run a lot of ads already and if you look at the poll of polls he ain't moving much.

I almost wonder if it's too soon to start a Mitt Romney Drop Out watch?

(Does this mean Hugh Hewitt's fluff job book "A Mormon In The White House?" will soon be sitting on the remaindered pile next to Hewitt's plagiarist edited "Painting the Map Red: The Fight to Create a Permanent Republican Majority"? Because right now Mitt Romney in the White House is looking as likely as that Republican majority...)