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The Stupidity Of Glenn Reynolds

I don't think that the left wants to lose the war on terror, exactly -- they just want Bush to lose the war on terror.

This is the kind of crap why I will always attack Reynolds. The left attacks Bush specifically because he is losing the war on terror and making us less safe, and he's being aided and abetted in that propaganda action by right-wingers like Instapundit.

UPDATE: As Kevin Drum notes, this is the latest in the right's "stabbed in the back" revisionist history.

UPDATE 2: Reynolds, once again showing how much of a panty-waist he is, launders a rebuttal to this link saying that we're "defensive" for pointing out his bullshit. Or, if you use Occam's Razor we're correcting a highly trafficked media outlet for printing a blatant falsehood. Reynolds & Co. spend endless bits accusing the mainstream press of bias, but call him out for bullshit and he's got to send a link off to one of his asshat pals to proffer a response for him that he's afraid to do himself. (Also: How am I supposed to be the "blog bitch" of someone I've never heard of? If someone has pwned me, I should know their name - it's only common courtesy.)

Shorter Oliver: When I think Glenn Reynolds is an asshole, I say it right here. When he thinks I'm an idiot it takes him 4 emails to get to it! (And you should know, even in email he tries to use other people's words to say what he wants to - he's that much of a coward)

Matt Yglesias: "Note also the hilarious idea that something might happen "if things go badly in Iraq" as if at the moment everything's going swimmingly." Indeed.

MORE: You should also know, this is part of why Reynolds is rarely ever front and center with his own opinions. He cannot take any sort of criticism.