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Mitt Romney Aide Jay Garrity Under Criminal Investigation In Two States

What is with these Republican campaigns? You would think that they have no scruples or lack the ability to judge character based on the people they have working for them. Then again, they are Republicans.

An ever-present aide to Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney took a leave of absence Friday after he became the subject of investigations in two states for allegedly impersonating a law enforcement officer.

His attorney denied the charges.

Jay Garrity, who serves as
director of operations and is constantly at the side of the former
Massachusetts governor, is accused of leaving a lengthy message with
the answering service of a plumbing company on Mother's Day,
identifying himself as "Trooper Garrity" of the Massachusetts State
Police and complaining about erratic driving by a company driver.

district attorney in Boston is investigating the call, which was tape
recorded by an after-hours operator. Impersonating an officer is a
misdemeanor charge carrying a fine of up to $400 and one year

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