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Hillary Notes

In the national poll, which I'm not sure how it figures in though I tend to think it has more impact on the state polls than people think, Sen. Clinton now has a double digit over the Obama campaign while Sen. Edwards comes in a distant third.

hillary clinton

The Democratic contest generally has been stable, though a USA TODAY Poll taken June 1-3 had shown Obama 1 percentage point ahead of Clinton, 30%-29%. In the new survey, Clinton leads Obama 33%-21% if former vice president Al Gore — who has neither entered the race nor ruled it out — is included among the candidates.

She leads by 39%-26% if Gore isn't included. Former North Carolina senator John Edwards is then third at 13%.

That sounds about right. The Obama campaign has not taken advantage of the momentum they had after his announcement and I think they've suffered for it. I still have some worries about Sen. Clinton's possible nomination but less so since I saw her campaign's tactical mastery and subsequent ability to stay on message. They're the closest Democratic campaign to the 2004 Bush campaign as far as overall strategy goes (and certainly not on the issues) and that's an appealing position considering the media and opposition environment we face.

Oh, she also knows what the hell she's talking about (America is so ready to go back to that!).

Presiding over a panel discussion on stem-cell research at Dartmouth College Friday afternoon, Clinton was showing off her policy-polished persona. She artfully framed Republican resistance to stem-cell experimentation in political terms ("this is an extraordinarily pro-life position to try to give life to people") and she reveled in her mastery of the scientific details surrounding this issue.

It will be interesting to see how she does at the straw poll being taken at Take Back America, because the attendees are significantly to her left and not a natural constituency.

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