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A Difference?

I found this post on the Black Five military blog via a link on The Corner and it kind of bothered me a bit. It's an email from an Army chaplain who describes soldiers standing to attention during the anthem when played before a movie. The chaplain says he would expect that sort of thing to be greeted by laughter by 18-22 year olds if it happened stateside. Really?

The anthem isn't played before movies, but I've been to a few sporting events in different parts of the country (Maryland, California, Florida) - NBA, MLB, and NFL - and the vast majority of the crowd is usually quite respectful and reverent when the anthem is played. Most men (including myself) take of their ballcaps and put their hands over their hearts.

I respect the hell out of the armed forces, but I think efforts to say that they're more American than the rest of us because they serve are quite misguided.