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Take Back America 2007 Reminder

Just a reminder that I'll be on "Blogger Boulevard" (God, I hope there aren't any traffic accidents or else I'll have to take the Spammy Subway or the Noob Turnpike) at Take Back America 2007 on Monday to Wednesday. I'll also be on a panel talking about how blogs can cure cancer, heal the sick and make the blind see.

Also, I'm tentatively also supposed to be "covering" the whole deal for The Huffington Post. No idea if I'll actually report stuff or just make it up like I usually do. I'm kidding. Maybe.

So say hello if you see me.

If it's anything like the last one of these I went to, it'll be an opportunity for me to once again feel like the most conservative person in an entire convention center. I'm serious.

I will fit in a little bit more than I used to because I have a Macbook now instead of a Dell. But it has football wallpaper on it, so it's still ODub Compliant.