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The Real Reason I Should Have Finished College

I had an... interesting discussion with my Mom a few days ago on the relative merits of me leaving college (this happened 11 years ago and it's going to go on my permanent record) and my position on the issue aside, here's what I believe to be one of the major benefits of the folks who do what I didn't.

Mutual fund managers invest more money in companies that are run by people with whom they went to college or graduate school than in companies where they have no such connections, the study found. The investments involving school ties, on average, also do significantly better than other investments.

Now, I'm a horrible schmoozer in the first place and I only ended up with one real friend from college (I was in his wedding) but perhaps if I stuck to it I would be able to call up Chauncy and Winthrop and trade stock tips over a round of golf or some crap.