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Why Are Conservatives Such Scaredy Cats?


I am well aware that the terroristic threat exists, I know they're out there and they want to kill innocent civilians. But damn, I don't think every random murder or crime is an Al Qaeda operation.

Time and time again I've seen this, where con bloggers quickly jump on their keyboards as if it was 9/11 all over again. Take the backpack explosion in Las Vegas. The deranged Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugged: "The future is here and it ain't pretty". Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review: "This Makes Me Very Nervous". Queen con bee Michelle Malkin was in full "Breaking" mode, detailing terror threats vs. Vegas. Debbie Schlussel thought that the Virginia Tech shooter was a jihadist "paki".

That side is supposed to be the "tough" side, but the slightest hint of violence in the world and they erupt into OMG TEH TERRISTS IS ATTACKIN'!!!!!

Get a grip, you pansies.