What Is The Real Beef With The Immigration Bill?


As I've noted before, I don't have a really strong position on immigration reform. As the child of immigrants who came here the legit way, I'm troubled by giving a pass of any sort to people who "cut" in line, but I also know it's kind of dumb to think we're going to deport all of those people.

anti-immigration protester

I do think its interesting that so much of the Republican elite really doesn't care what their grassroots think and instead are more interested in giving big industries the cheap labor they want. It's another version of their abortion and gay marriage strategies where they talk a good game up until election day then forget it all after that.

But why does the Republican base act with so much revulsion at any sort of immigration deal short of closing America?

a) They don't like hispanics
b) They don't like all immigrants
c) They're afraid increased immigration means more Democratic voters?

I'm honestly asking.