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Spider-Man 3


Really, really disappointed.

Spider-Man 3 has its good moments, but the desire to throw in everything (including the kitchen sink) ends up making the movie a largely disjointed experience. You get the sense that they felt that this would be the last movie in a trilogy - not likely now that it's grossed over $189 million on its opening weekend - and felt they had to include so much.

The Good:
- Spidey swinging is always fun
- The fights were dynamic like they should be
- The Peter/MJ romance (although I still feel that Kirsten Dunst is woefully miscast in the role of Mary Jane, click here for how Mary Jane is supposed to look)
- Sandman's origin

The Bad:
- The big holes in Sandman's resolution
- Not enough superheroics in favor of melodrama
- Venom - there was no reason they had to put Venom in this movie. It feels rushed and squeezed in at the last minute, almost as if the script was done and somebody said "Oh yeah, Venom!"
- "Dark Peter Parker" - Tobey Maguire is a good actor (Cider House Rules, Pleasantville) but it didn't show here at all

I really liked Spider-Man 1 and 2 and thought that they helped to raise the bar for superhero movies, but Spider-Man 3 was a huge step backwards. If they had limited the plot to Sandman and the New Green Goblin, I think it would have worked much better. Adding all the other elements bloated the production and felt like the worst kind of "filler" material.

Rating: 2.5/5