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New War Czar Douglas Lute Just Another Bush-Era Happy Talker

From an appearance on CNN's Paula Zahn Now in February of 2005.

ZAHN: And I recently talked with Brigadier General Douglas Lute, the director of operations for the U.S. Central Command which is responsible for Iraq and I asked him about one of Senator McCain's point that insurgents have worked their way into Iraqi forces.

(BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) BRIG. GEN. DOUGLAS LUTE, DIR. OF OPERATIONS, CENTCOM: Well, Paula, this goes very much to our primary effort for 2005 and that is to enhance the quality of Iraqi forces. You know, we need to keep this in perspective. But in seven months ago there was no Iraqi army, there were no Iraqi commando battalions. There was very little that could be called an Iraqi police force. We've made a great deal of progress in the last seven months. But this is still an immature emerging force. Things like infiltration by insurgents, things like sharing intelligence, developing their own intelligence, and developing a coherent chain of command are all things that we're working on for this calendar year.

In other words, the new war czar = "stay the course".