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McCain Won?

That's what the Redstaters are saying. Clearly I don't have any dog in that fight, but the emerging consensus is that Romney and McCain did well and Giuliani tanked. Frankly, I didn't see that spin to it and like the Democratic debate I fail to see how this will really affect the dynamics of the race.

That said, if the John McCain I saw last night becomes the Republican nominee I'm a lot less wary of him than I used to be. Put the crazy older man barking out odd non sequiturs on the same stage as Sen. Clinton, Sen. Obama, or Sen. Edwards and we could be looking at 1980 or 1984 in reverse.

Romney looks nice, but I expect at any moment he's ready to take me to the showroom in order to explain to me how much legroom the 2004 Camry has, if you get my drift.

Giuliani? 9/11, 9/11, 9/11 did I mention I was once mayor of New York.

None of these guys want my vote and aren't going to get it, but sheesh, the idea that the way to improve this field of woeful Republicans is to add Hollywood actor Fred Thompson is probably going to be an awesome punch line for the next six months or so.