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Lost: Through the Looking Glass

I'm only watching because there's no other good show on to take up its slot. Still, eh.


- So Jack and Kate are in the future? But Jack was talking about his dad, and that was in the past. And wasn't that baldheaded doctor around Locke when he was in the hospital? Or did I imagine that?
- Why hasn't any character grabbed an Other and say "tell me what's going on or I will kill you"?
- Happy when Sayid shot Tom (I'm happy when any Others suffer, they piss me off)
- Is there a law that every new attractive woman (Naomi) on the island has to die?
- Walt shows up and he's older. Of course he hasn't been on the show for like two years, and forget about his dad.
- Locke can't walk but somehow he's flying across the island like a banshee
- Ben: please somebody kill him
- Still don't trust Juliet
- Glad to see Hurley being more than obligatory fat guy
- Charlie's death was done well, although I wonder if Eyepatch Russian guy is really dead. Because he's been shocked, harpooned and still lived...
- What the heck happened to the three toed statue and the smoke and the polar... sigh.
- Do you believe Ben's whole spiel about the evil coming to the island? I think he's just a bad guy, and I hate the whiny way he talks.