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Heroes: The Hard Part

hiro vs sylar

Another great episode, we get backstory and some answers as well as new questions!

*** SPOILERS ***

- I thought it was weird how all of a sudden Sylar turns from murder machine to pseudo-sympathetic, and how icky was it that he drew the picture with his mothers blood?

- I've never liked Nathan Petrelli, but do you think he's just playing along with Linderman to stop the bomb? In the future he wasn't the president, but Sylar pretending to be him. And I knew his mom was power-hungry, but she's clearly up to her neck in Linderman's nutty death cult.

- Damn you, Hiro, cut his head off! Was it significant that Hiro could use his powers even after the sword was broken?

- Who's sexier? Jessica or the Evil Illusion Woman (Missy Peregrym)? Also, I find it weird that the character is more attractive to me when she's she-devil Jessica than goody-two-shoes Niki.

- I wonder if Micah's power is connected to the little girl's power?

- You would think Peter Petrelli would go "oh, that's the exploding guy from my drawing, maybe I shouldn't stand right next to him", but noooooo

- I think Claire's one of the most realistically written teenagers on tv. Being a superpowered freak sucks, but she knows she has a place of destiny.

- Only two more episodes and then an entire Hero-less summer? Oh, cruel fates.