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Heroes: How To Stop An Exploding Man

NBC Heroes

*** SPOILERS ***

So, overall I was pleased with the episode. They wrapped up the major storyline (hello, Lost, I'm looking at you) and gave a heck of a teaser for the fanboys (like me) to ponder over the summer (they finally found a link to the eclipse we see every week, but had to go back almost 400 years to make it).

- Nathan was pissing me off all episode because I felt that he really had made a turn to evil completely, and he still was about 90% with the plan. I guess the whole thing was that had Claire not been saved she would not have been the linchpin in Nathan's final act. So saving the cheerleader was a catalyst for saving the world.

- I was actually fooled by Shapeshifter Woman. I thought "Of all the times for Nikki to have one of her existential throw downs she picks NOW?" Does the fact that she saw her own reflection yet retained Jessica's super strength (that whack on Sylar was soooo satisfying) mean that she's integrated both sides of herself? In a perverse sort of way I wanted D.L. to be dead.

- How is Parkman not dead? His power is reading minds, not surviving five bullets to the chest. Or is it?

- I loved the whole Hiro Is A Badass element of the story. Yes, Hiro allows the nerds to vicariously through him because he's living the dream. But, so what?

- Clearly Sylar is not dead. Why didn't Hiro or someone else cut off his head before he could crawl down the sewer? He's got Claire's regeneration powers and a blade to the back isn't going to stop him (remember she survived Ted Sprague's gigantic explosion at her house). Plus he's got all the other powers he's amassed and no more Peter to counter him.

- Are they a superteam or not now? Even though he's apparently powerless, Noah (HRG) is clearly the leader and most knowledgeable about the whole bad guy network and Molly knows the Big Evil Guy only she has seen outranks Sylar. Is everyone just going to go home now or are they going to Heroes HQ to come up with codenames? Heh.