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For me, Franklin Delano Roosevelt is the Greatest President Of All Time (G.P.O.A.T.). Last weekend I walked around the tidal basin to check out once again his fitting memorial in Washington. Really beautiful (and I'm biased because I live in the area and am a native of Maryland, but people, please come see your capital, it is a truly spectacular city and worthy of our nation). One of the things I like about FDR was his clear lack of timidity. Right when America needed a leader to pull it out of a spiral, that sort of attitude was just what the doctor ordered. Check out this justification of his for why the Pentagon should be five-sided:

"You know, gentlemen, I like that pentagon-shaped building," Roosevelt said. "You know why?"

"No," the commissioners replied resignedly.

"I like it because nothing like it has ever been done that way before."

You can almost see him clenching his cigarette between his considerable chompers and giving a jaunty laugh after that exchange.

From all of I've read and watched of FDR, that's how he tackled the big trials of his time. The Depression? We will defeat it. The Nazis and the Japanese Empire? We will win.

And we did.