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Gordon Brown: Nail In the Coffin Of The "Coalition Of The Willing"?

Looks like Mr. Brown wants to make it clear to Britain that he isn't a lapdog like Tony Blair.

Gordon Brown

US President George Bush has been told to prepare for a British U-turn on Iraq once Gordon Brown becomes prime minister, a Sunday newspaper reports.

Bush has been briefed by White House officials to expect an announcement on British troop withdrawals during Brown's first 100 days in office, The Sunday Telegraph said.

The president was advised on how to handle the aftermath of a British pullout and the end of steadfast support from London, said the broadsheet, citing senior officials.

Outgoing Prime Minister Tony Blair is due to step down on June 27 after a decade in power, with finance minister Brown set to take over.

It would be nice if the press asked either Bush or even Tony Snow about this, but then we know how those guys don't like to rock the boat.

No, I didn't forget Poland.