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Franks-Willis 2007 Iraqapalooza

Dale Franks has a roundup of links talking about the back and forth he and I had. Yeah, the whole thing kind of burned me out too.


Just one thing I want to address because it seems to have stuck in the craw of a few. Theres this idea that when I say I want to go into Pakistan or wherever Al Qaeda might be, that it's got to be crazy because I'm against the occupation of Iraq. Sigh. As I told many before the Iraq war: I'm not averse to using military power to removing threats, I'm just against being an occupying force. I would have been perfectly fine if we had gone into Iraq to eliminate the WMD threat we thought was there at the time, and then be out. It's no good occupying a country if the people don't want you there, but if a threat to us or our allies is there - I don't see the error in eliminating it. I think it's crazy that we let Al Qaeda essentially operate in Pakistan with a free hand, and I think it will take military force to root them out. That doesn't mean I think we ought to invade and occupy Pakistan (or any other country where Al Qaeda is for that matter).

On September 11th, Al Qaeda declared war on us. I think we would be fools to let them get away with it because of a border (and again, when did conservatives find this newfound respect for international borders as far as military action goes?).