Bill O'Reilly: George Bush In The Pocket Of The Far Left


I think it's time for Bill O'Reilly to update his conspiracy flowchart to add a major figure: George W. Bush.

On Tuesday's Talking Points Memo, O'Reilly lectured his audience (and yes, he has to lecture the lemmings that make up his most fervent supporters so they can echo his points in their endless stream of emails and letters to the editor) about the use of the phrase "comprehensive immigration reform". According to BillO, this nefarious phrase was a creation of the open borders crowd on the left who want to destroy our way of life.

So, I used the Google.

What is the top result for the phrase "comprehensive immigration reform"? Well, it's that bastion of leftism known as

Securing the border is a critical part of a strategy for comprehensive immigration reform. It is an important part of a reform that is necessary so that the Border Patrol agents down here can do their job more effectively. Congress is going to take up the legislation on immigration. It is a matter of national interest and it's a matter of deep conviction for me. I've been working to bring Republicans and Democrats together to resolve outstanding issues so that Congress can pass a comprehensive bill and I can sign it into law this year."


President George W. Bush
April 9, 2007

This can only mean that George Soro's gold bars made from Nazi gold wrapped in baby skin pouches has found it's way to the hands of George W. Bush.

The entire operation has been... compromised!