Can't Debate, There's A Stick In My Eye

One of the more interesting responses to the back and forth on Iraq between Dale Franks and myself has been the notion that it was civilized discourse we should have had before the war. In a comment on his own blog Dean Esmay says "I remember the days of the blogosphere where people like O-dub were people you could have a thoughtful discussion with. That's all too rare now."

Pardon me, I have to roll my eyes. We tried to have this conversation before the war. We tried to tell you this was a bad idea for the reasons I listed and more. The response on the right was to call us terrorist appeasers who were on the other side with Saddam Hussein.

When the political blogosphere took off in 2001 after 9/11 (I had been blogging since 2000 before the election), I had a decent yet civil back and forth with conservative bloggers. But as the country marched on to a war that made no sense, they increasingly made the switch to calling us on the left terrorists and terrorist sympathizers. Now, I am not from the old school of liberalism where I try to talk reason and peace when someone like Andrew Sullivan is crapping on me. I'm going to give as good as good as I'm getting, if not better. So please park the concern for civility train in the junkyard because it's past its prime in spades.