Can The GOP Get The Web?

I think it's inevitable that Republican politics will work on the web beyond being just an echo of the administration's talking points, it has to if it wants to survive in any way. But the upside is, that day isn't here yet. Markos Moulitsas (of Daily Kos) also drives home one of the points I frequently make about the con blogs:

"Progressives can claim to an actual movement that raises a lot of money, that helps put politicians in office. . . . Progressives can claim to actually having communities online, where an average Joe can have a voice, and not just a radio personality who happens to write a blog, too."

Moulitsas was referring to Hugh Hewitt, a blogger and host of "The Hugh Hewitt Show." His blog is on TownHall, one of the most popular conservative sites. The site is owned by Salem Communications.

Most of the top bloggers on the con side are people who were already in the conservative world. Glenn Reynolds wrote for conservative lobbyist James Glassman, Michelle Malkin came from Heritage, Redstate is owned by Regnery and founded by Republican operatives, etc. On the progressive side there are a lot more people like me who started my blog 7 years ago when I had spare time at the dotcom I was working for. I barely even knew what a think tank was then.