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WaPo's Mash Note To Fred Thompson

When Washington Post readers open up to the front of the B section on Sunday, they better have a bucket at the ready so they can puke after reading this love note to Hollywood actor Fred Thompson written by Liz Garrigan they've prominently published.

Redskins cheerleaders

Garrigan goes on and on about the familiar tropes we've heard echoed endlessly about "dream candidate" Fred Thompson. She even has the nerve to write:

[T]heir John Wayne is standing just outside the corral.

Are you kidding me? Were the 6th grade cheerleaders too busy watching Hannah Montana to write this kind of nuttiness on their own? She clearly wants to position Thompson, who is from Tennessee, as not Al Gore because she mentions the former Vice President (and popular vote winner) twelve times to drive her point home.

Look, it's one thing to write this kind of thing on a blog, Livejournal, or even on a Thompson campaign site but it is beyond me why the Washington Post chose to feature this kind of love letter "journalism".

I can't imagine why people are so skeptical about the press nowadays.