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RedRoots Fizzle?


All the noise yesterday from Redstate seems to have only generated a puny seven phone calls. As I discussed with a friend yesterday, the cons look to their blogs as another cog in their propaganda machine (along with conservative "news" sites, Fox News, and talk radio). They're frankly not used to them not playing by the rules and the vast majority of con blogs are useless without talking points and the like to spit out.

Look at the leadership fights. After Democrats lost in 2004, there were some who ran for DNC chair that were party insiders but they were no match for the grassroots push for Howard Dean. Dean has changed how the party operates and we now have the House and Senate and are well positioned to win the White House. The Republicans lost in 2006 and had Mel Martinez pushed on them with little to no interaction or feedback from grassroots conservative blogs. In fact, none of the leaders favored by the conservative roots got positions of significant power.

Maybe things will change for them, but as a Democrat I hope they get lost even further in the wilderness so we can fix the country while they squabble.