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Time To Sell Fred Thompson?

I don't like to make predictions. I'm kind of superstitious about the opposite of my predictions coming true. That said, I think I'll make a prediction about actor Fred Thompson: he will fall flat. Like how Gen. Clark was much hyped before he entered the '04 campaign and showed himself to be a good general but a green politician, I don't see much "there" to Thompson after he becomes an actual candidate.

Douchebag of Liberty Bob Novak reports on how Thompson's speech fell flat.

The excitement aroused in melancholy Republican ranks by the politician-commentator-actor will not be doused by one lackluster performance. Nevertheless, his first speech since his unexpected presidential boom began suggests Thompson needs preparation if he does take up this daunting burden. The deeper concern by some supporters is whether the tepid reaction in Orange County will shake what had seemed his clear resolve to make the race.