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bill o'reilly's tinfoil hat of freedom

I'm laughing so hard I'm still in tears. Back when Media Matters first started in 2004 I was amused at how quickly it took for Bill O'Reilly to react to it (and his unhinged attacks continue to this day). Here was the top-rated conservative host in the media, and someone who is going to provide significant fodder for an organization dedicated to fighting conservative misinformation. One of my favorite items to this day detailed how Bill O'Reilly simply made up a French business magazine to legitimize stats he just pulled out of his rear to show how his show had impacted the French economy. At it's heart this was a minor issue, but illustrative of the consistency with which O'Reilly lies and how quick tempered he gets when you point this out.

But Sweet Baby Jesus I never knew the crackpot would make charts!!!


Crooks and Liars has the rest of the segment. If you were writing a novel and had a wingnut character who acted like O'Reilly, readers would never buy it. Too over the top, too absurd, no one human being can hold that much idiocy and hubris in a human skull.

But there he is, night after night, Bill O'Reillying it up like the modern day McCarthy he is. At a certain point crazy becomes performance art. Here's to you, Bill O.

And of course, Ian Schwartz, the right wing hack who hangs out here and suckles on the teat of Michelle Malkin's Hot Air laps it up like an idiot.

(I should also note that almost three years ago David Brock - who, full disclosure, is my boss - wrote a letter to O'Reilly asking to come on his show to rebut O'Reilly's charges. As far as I know Bill O has not accepted the offer. It's kind of clear why.)

ALSO: I will note the irony of all of this by linking to this video.

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