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The Politico's Mike Allen: He Loves Conservative Blogs, Pundits


The Politico's chief political correspondent, Mike Allen, has a problem. He loves conservatives. Conservative bloggers, conservative talk show hosts. He acts like a lovelorn puppy dog when he's around them. A few weeks ago Allen couldn't stop humping Matt Drudge's leg, now he moves on to Hugh Hewitt.


Imagine if a supposedly neutral news reporter said that his favorite blog was Daily Kos, or that his favorite pundit was Atrios. It might cause you to doubt his neutrality, and for good reason. Yet along comes Mike Allen on Hugh Hewitt's radio show and he gushes over former Bush/Cheney web guru and Giuliani hire Patrick Ruffini, while also professing his love for Hewitt's blog. Furthermore, he takes the McCain spin about their fundraising as gospel, as if the Lord himself had dispatched the information.

Mike Allen: Well, we can’t know that, because I agree with what Patrick Ruffini wrote today on one of my favorite blogs,, that money doesn’t tell you everything. But it does tell you a lot of important things, including, as I mentioned, the quality of the organization. Now what we got from Senator McCain’s campaign today was straight talk. They were frank about the fact that they did not do as well as they should have, or wanted to. Maybe it’s a little like the President saying he’s not satisfied with progress in Iraq. It’s kind of a no duh, right? But they were forthright about that. Senator McCain, before he went to Iraq on camera, was forthright about saying he was not satisfied with it. They are taking steps to change it, and so I think that his supporters will appreciate that, and I think that that was what people expected from Senator McCain.

Mike Allen is just the latest quiver in the conservative arsenal. And he's one of The Politico's "studs" on their journalistic ranch.