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Tammy Bruce Was Censured By NOW For Racism

While Tammy Bruce was weaving her right-wing conspiracy theories last week, I had no idea about this incident in her past back when she was at NOW. From 1996:

tammy bruce

Bruce claims that in the two months since the Simpson verdict, membership in the L.A. chapter, NOW's largest, has jumped 10%, to 3,300, though no comparable figures are available for the national organization. But Bruce's aggressive stand on domestic violence, to the exclusion of any other issues in the trial, has also offended many both in and out of NOW. Bruce told the Los Angeles Times, for instance, that her message about spousal abuse offered "a needed break from all that talk of racism." During a protest outside NBC studios in Burbank, just before Simpson canceled his interview with Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric, she said of Simpson: "You are not welcome here; you are not welcome in our country; you are not welcome in our culture"--a statement that some listeners interpreted as "Go back to Africa."

Last month, during an emotional executive meeting held by NOW's national board at which Bruce was not present, the members voted almost unanimously to censure Bruce for what president Patricia Ireland called "racially insensitive comments." This week, in a move NOW veterans say is unprecedented in the organization's 30-year history, a hearing will be held by a grievance committee of California NOW in Fresno to strip Bruce of her NOW membership.

No wonder she feels so comfortable on the right. (via)

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