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Rudy Giuliani And The Mob

This is kind of weird.

Other Italian-American politicians have shunned references to organized crime, fearful of being tarred unfairly by anti-Italian stereotyping. Not Giuliani, who has in the past embraced such talk to remind voters he helped bust up the New York mob as a federal prosecutor. Plus, he's an unabashed "Godfather" fan.

But some political analysts are puzzled why a man seeking to become the first Italian-American president would dabble so blithely with the darkest stereotypes of his heritage, especially before voters really get to know him.

And a leader in the nation's largest Italian-American organization said Thursday that Giuliani should drop his Corleone impersonations because they are insensitive to Italian-Americans trying to dispel the linkages between being Italian and being in the mob.

If Giuliani continues to top GOP polls, clearly one of his Republican rivals will dig into the GOP dirty campaigning trick book and do the "some people say" line with Giuliani and the mob, so I guess this is his attempt to defuse that?